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Thank you for visiting Dream Central. The ONLY internet site you will ever need for information on dreams, dreaming and dream analysis! Among the topics covered in extensive detail will be: Nightmares, dream induction, remembrance, why we dream, altering mental states to induce more vivid dreaming and much much more! You may also wish to check out our dream dictionary a big project of ours that is growing all the time!

What are dreams?

An introduction to Dream Central

Dreams are one of life's most fascinating and intriguing mysterys. Humanity has had a love affiar with trying to figure out our dreams since the dawn of man. Here at dream central you will find practical knowledge you can use to understand and interpret your dreams.

Many people throughout history have misunderstood the art of dream interpretation. Many had wild theories that it was some kind of interaction with the afterlife, while others believe dreams are some sort of alternate reality. Fortunately many people realize that dreams are an extension of your consciousness, your brain's way of organizing and analyzing your day to day events while you are sleeping.

Dreaming is important to your psychological well being, in fact if you didn't do it your mental health would suffer.

Dream induction

In order to remember dreams, there are few important things to keep in mind. First, eat a well balanced healthy diet. Second, it is very important to get a good night's sleep! People rarely sleep as long as they should, and not sleeping enough is the main, number one cause of not remembering your dreams!

Suppose you are getting enough sleep and eating well balanced diet, and are still having trouble remembering your dreams? You should consider what type of medication you're taking and read the drug interactions to see if it interferes with sleep patterns.

Lucid dreaming

Lucid dreaming is best known as the experience of having extremely vivid, rememberable dreams. Some people have a great deal of difficulty in achieving a lucid dreams state. This is the cause lucid dreaming is not a normal thing! Most of the time we experience lucid dreams because we have something really heavy on our mind. The dream is vivid be cause our subconscious mind wants to alert us and help us with some kind of problem that is bearing down on our conscious mind. Think of a lucid dreaming as a psychological antibody, it is attacking the problem by bringing it to the forefront of your mind.

However, you do not have to have a psychological problem in order to experience lucid dreaming! It takes a lot of personal, mental discipline to train yourself to have lucid dreams. There are many techniques involved in learning this skill. We will discuss them in detail in this website. Be warned, inducing lucid dreaming often, may prevent you from getting the natural lucid dreams that your mind wants to have when you have a problem.

Understanding sleep

Before embarking on any attempt to interfere with your own sleep cycle, you should make a good effort to understanding the entire sleeping process. Only with understanding do we gain wisdom.

Sleep deprivation

How important is sleeping? If you do not sleep you will die! It's that important. People addicted to amphetamines such as crystal meth suffer most of their severe physical damage due to sleep deprivation. If you have ever stayed awake longer than three days you get a good idea of what I'm talking about! Hallucinating is one of the first symptoms that your mind is starved for sleep.

Even if you do sleep nightly, if you don't get enough of it, you will still suffer the effects. You may not hallucinate, what you will feel all fall fatigued, lethargic and run down., How much sleep is enough sleep? It varies from person to person some say 8 hours is enough some need as much as 10. Any less than eight is normally considered unhealthy.

We also have two kinds of dream dictionaries. One is "static" like an ordinary dictionary, the other is "dynamic", meaning it is written in the discussion forums and is far bigger. The dynamic dream dictionary can be commented on, and registered users can add their own symbols, or comment on exisiting ones.

Make sure you let me know what you want to see. please visit the intro page for more about us!

Learn the basics about dreaming.

The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of...

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Dreams have been a mystery to us since man first developed the ability to walk upright. The stuff of legends, myth and fairy tale, dreams have always fascinated mankind. We can learn much from our dreams, if we only but listen with a trained ear. There is nothing psychic, mystical or religious about understanding dreams.

There are lots of misconceptions as to what dreams are. Some think it is a voice from beyond, others think it is your soul talking to you. Mainly it is your subconsious mind helping your conscious mind work through the events of your life. Understanding dreams are not hard, with simple logic most everyone can do it.

Interpreting them correctly can make your life exceedingly easier. Interpreting your dreams incorrectly can cause unnecessary confusion and chaos in your life! It is my hope that you will learn proper and healthy ways of interpreting your dreams here on this site.

There is a certain degree of intuition, coupled with logic and a working knowledge of dreaming involved though. Click the picture to the right to visit a page with some basic information to help you in the understanding of dreams. This will be an excellent starting point for you.

What's It All Mean?
Learn how to analyze your own dreams Click the picture or CLICK HERE to visit our page on do-it-yourself dream analysis! Here you will find a LOT of useful and easy to understand information on dreams and dream remembrance. Analyzing your own dreams may sound hard, and somewhat intimidating, but it can be done quite easily. This page will show you:

  • What you need
  • How to sleep properly
  • How to remember your dreams
  • How to dream more often, with more clarity
  • Definitions of some universal symbols

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